30 de septiembre del 2001 Vol.2 No.3

Modelos Calibrados de un Edificio Instrumentado

Keyword : analytical model, ambient vibration, instrumented building, natural frequencies, cumulative damage, degrading structure, soil-structure interaction, .


In this study, calibrated models of a building, able to reproduce its dynamic and structural properties shown for different load conditions were developed. The building is a 14-storey R/C structure and has been rehabilitated twice. The structural models are representative of both rehabilitations of the building. In order to get this representation, it was fundamental to include the cumulative deterioration of the structural elements due to seismic actions, and the soil-structure interaction effect. Finally, based on the calibration of the models, in order to improve the analytical results, the use of factors to reduce the structural stiffness is proposed.

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Dirección General de Servicios de Cómputo Académico-UNAM
Ciudad Universitaria, M
éxico D.F.