UNAMRevista Digital Universitaria
Revista Digital Universitaria ISSN: 1607 - 6079 | Publicación mensual | 1 de Octubre de 2016 vol.17, No.10


Habits of adolescents on the use of social networks: public secondary case study

Octavio Flores Siordia

Nowadays teenagers want the latest technology at hand to communicate online, for that reason, this paper has conducted an investigation in order to find out which social networks are used by third year junior high school students in Ocotlán, Jalisco.
The investigation aims to determinate: how are they using them, why they use them, what kind of information they share, if they are monitored by their parents, whether they are involved in any cyber bullying activities, or if they use social networks to share teaching material or to communicate with their teachers.
It will also give advise that both parents and teachers should seriously consider about the impact the social network has on their children so it can be positive for them, avoid them to get addicted to the net and detect if they are involved in harmfull ciberbullying activities.

Keywords: Sondary education, social networks, adolescents.