Revista Digital Universitaria
Revista Digital Universitaria ISSN: 1607 - 6079 | Publicación mensual | 1 de agosto de 2016 vol.17, No.8


From the Comic to the Storytelling: A Powerful Instructional Resource

Ricardo Martínez Cabañas y Verónica del Carmen Quijada Monroy

The study of the knowledge generates more knowledge, which has served to create instructional resources such as the comic: a narrative secuence that combines both text and images. The storytelling (a narrative of events interconected with each other) can be related to this format with the purpose of creating new stories.

There are similar objectives for this purpose in the education, and in the students’ minds there are narrations. For this reason, we must seduce them, and the best way of achieving this is through stories that build a feeling. By these means, the storytelling in a comic could be a great ally.

Keywords: comic, cartoon, storytelling, storyboard, transmedia, storyworld, connect audiences, instructional resource, script, storybrief.