Revista Digital Universitaria
Revista Digital Universitaria ISSN: 1607 - 6079 | Publicación mensual | 1 de agosto de 2016 vol.17, No.8


Moodle as the Platform to Deliver the Placement and Requirement Tests at the UNAM FES Acatlán Language Center

María Claudia Otake González

The process of delivering the English Plan Global Program placement exams and the French Reading Comprehension Program assessments, which are coordinated by the Language Center at the Facultad de Estudios Superiores Acatlán, has benefited from the use of the Moodle platform, as the technological tool in their delivery since 2006. The experience gained from its beginnings to its current state, is shared in this paper.

Keywords: FES Acatlán, placement and requirement exams, Moodle, quizzes, conditional activities, certificate, outcome.