Revista Digital Universitaria
Revista Digital Universitaria ISSN: 1607 - 6079 | Publicación mensual | 1 de Marzo de 2017 vol.18, No.3


Sobre género y su abuso

Ainhoa García Oyarzun

The examples of the media and Discourse Analysis will be the pillars that support in this article the careful observation of gender and the reason of the terminology related to it misuse in the Spanish media contents. The lack of unanimity and agreement between the experts and the media to talk about these issues confers on gender issues a cloud of unreason and misunderstanding that the most of times leads to abstruse headlines and fallacious news. That is why this article makes a proposal for the definition and use of the word gender, as an important contribution for users of the Spanish Language, among other issues.

Keywords: Ingles, feminicide, gender, sexism, mass media, journalism.