Revista Digital Universitaria
Revista Digital Universitaria ISSN: 1607 - 6079 | Publicación mensual | 1 de enero de 2014 vol.15, No.01


Brenda Cruz Pérez, David Montiel Rodríguez y Gabriela Aldana González

The antisocial personality is one of the main conditions that you will have to place greater emphasis, since it is a personality type more likely to commit violence. It should be pointed arguments Lykken who proposed a theory on the relationship between personality and crime claiming that people who express since childhood elevated levels of a number of related traits called "difficult temperament" are vulnerable to behavior antisocial (LYKKEN, 1995). It should also be noted that between 2007 and 2012 intentional homicides per capita increased by more than 65% while increased kidnappings and extortions 250% in 94% ( CIDAC, 2013 ).

The study of antisocial behavior has lived throughout history intense fluctuations between the interest expressed by individual factors and social and external factors as explanatory causes of these behaviors Peña ( 2010 ) comments that the information in the most agree that the history of abuse difficult experiences or poor family support network are causes for these individuals are prone to violent behavior which are based on two factors: the educational practices of the parents (who have to monitor the child's behavior and punishing deviant stimulating alternatives) and psychobiological inherited characteristics that facilitate or hinder the process of acquisition of rules.

Therefore the aim of this study is to analyze the behaviors that occur as part of antisocial personality disorder from the Gestalt approach with reference to the Cycle of Gestalt and Person Experience sick.

The main analysis allow us to emphasize the importance of Gestalt in antisocial behavior analysis as we talk about the importance of seeing the individual as a complete being, where we take into account their physical functioning thoughts emotions culture and behavioral expressions and it's all part of the individual and thus be viewed as a unified being. You can deepen the analysis of antisocial personality through the experience cycle which is focused on good and bad experiences, which largely determine our behavior. The importance lies in emphasizing the need for the person to learn to conclude every one of the issues that arise throughout their existence closing cycles the best way to avoid creating conflicts that eventually may give rise to various emotional disorders including inadequate social behavior. It is therefore necessary to construct the relevant emotional resources to cope with life experiences.

Keywords: Gestalt, Antisocial, Cycle, Violence, Lock